17 Sep 2015

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Even when I am not seeing the patient, every moment I can check his blood pressure, weight or his body temperature. Uppersilesian Medical Center in Ochojec is testing an innovative program, which allows doctors to keep track of their patients using just laptop or tablet. It is the first such a complex telehealth program in Poland. Already in the test phase it helped saving a life of a 75 year old patient.


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National Health Fund is starting a telemedical pilotage program. We are going to be monitored by cardiologists and geriatricians.

During medical consults at local PGs, cardiological results are going to be continuously monitored by a heart specialist. What is interesting he wouldn’t even need to be in the room – conslults are going to take place remotely, using video chanels. As a result cardiologist will be able to hand over his orders for additional tests or further treatment.

Source: rynekzdrowia.pl

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Meditel gladly welcomes the news about positive recomendation and valuation of telemedical proceders as the benefits refunded. According to the document: “President’s of Health Technology Assessment and Pricing Agency Decree from 27th august 2015, regarding pricing of the benefits refunded and guaranteed in terms of specialized outpatient care” and “Geriatric medical council using telehealth devices” there has been a positive appraisal issuead and a 6 point evaluation (in terms of seperately contracted benefits).


We strongly believe that seeing the potential of telemedicine and informatical innovative solutions by major national institutions will let us jointly take world-class-care of every single patient.


Telemedicine, despite not being financed is one of the fastest sector of medicine development. Body temperature, blood pressure and weight are the parameters being remotely monitored by doctors from Upper Silesian Medical Center in Katowice Ochojec. There is a pilotage program set at the hospital to watch over the patients with heart failure using tablets. There are already first beneficial results. Thanks to telemedicine one of the patients was quickly diagnosed with atrial fibrillation.

Source: TVP Katowice